Design Custom Political Campaign Buttons with Just Buttons Campaign Templates

Running a campaign on a shoe string budget? No problem! Just Buttons has your campaign button solution!  We have hundreds of political button templates available for you to use FREE in our online button designer  Get started now and in just a few minutes you'll have a professional custom campaign button!

To custom design a campaign button, take the following steps:


  1. Choose the size and shape button you'd like to design. 2.25” and 3” are the most popular sizes for political campaign buttons.

  2. In the Create Your Own button screen, you will see a blank button. This is the face of your button. Your button will be produced exactly as you lay it out on this screen.

  3. To locate a political themed template, click the Symbols tab.

  4. In the ADD SYMBOL area, select Political/Campaign from the drop down menu.

  5. Once you have selected the Political/Campaign drop down the political templates will populate the window.

  6. Use the slider or the down arrow on your keyboard to browse the available political themed button backgrounds.

  7. One you have found a background that you like, click on it and it will appear on the button face.

  8. Click on the double sided arrow and drag the box to scale the background to the button face.

  9. Once you have your background where you want it you can start to add text and upload other elements.

  10. To upload an element ie a photo, or graphic to your template, click on the Upload tab.

  11. In the Upload Image or Graphics section, click the browse button to locate the file you would like to upload.

    NOTE: The Online Button Designer only supports .PNGs and .JPGs that are less than 2MB. This tool is not a graphic design tool. If you photo or graphic needs to be manipulated you should do that before you upload it.

  12. Check the box indicating that you have the right to use the graphic you are uploading. Then click Upload Picture. This step may take a few minutes depending on the size of your graphic.

  13. In the uploaded image area select your image. It will appear on your button.

  14. Click on drag your image to position it.

  15. To scale your graphic click and drag the double sided arrow. Please note that the software will not allow you to scale the graphic larger than it's maximum printable size. If you would like the graphic to be larger you will have to upload a new larger graphic.

  16. You can manipulate your graphic in the following ways:

    a. You can rotate the graphic by clicking and dragging the curved arrow in the upper right hand corner of the boundary box.

    b. You can remove the graphic from your button by clicking the X located in the upper left hand corner of the boundary box.
    c. You can flip your graphic horizontally or vertically by clicking the orange Flip arrows below your design.
    d. You can arrange your graphic to go behind or in front of other elements by clicking the blue layer arrows below your design.

    NOTE: Make sure that the graphic that you want to manipulate is the active layer on your button. The active layer will have a boundary box around it.

  17. To add text to your button click on the Text tab.

  18. Locate the Input field in the Add Text section. Type your first line of text into the Input field then click Add Text Item!

  19. Your text will appear on the face of your button. You can manipulate your text in the following ways:

    NOTE: For each line of text you will have to follow the steps above to create a new text item.


    To change your font, make sure the text area you want to change is active. Click the font drop down menu and select the font you would like from the menu.

    To change the color of your font, make sure the text area you want to alter is active. In the Text Color tab and select your color from the color picker or enter the hex code of the color that you want in the empty color field.

    NOTE: If you are going to be creating more than one text field make write down the color code of the color you pick so that you can easily match all your text fields.

    c. ARC TEXT:
    To arc your text, make sure the text area you want to arc is active. Use the slider located below the font field to arc your text.
    d. FONT SIZE:
    To change the size of your text, make sure the text area you want to size is active. Click and drag the double sided arrow to make your text larger or smaller.
    e. OUTLINES:
    You can add up to two outlines to your text. To add an outline, make sure the text area you want to add an outline to is active, then click the Outline tab. Adjust the thickness of your outline with the slider. Choose the color of your outline from the color picker.

  20. Once your design is complete enter in the quantity of buttons you want in the Quantity field then click the Add To Cart button.

  21. In the Cart screen you will see the size and shape of the button you are ordering, the quantity, and price. If you would like to go back and edit your design before committing to order click the [edit design] link in the cart

  22. If you get interrupted or want to order later but do not want to loose your design, write down your designID. This number will allow Just Buttons to locate your design and use it for production.

  23. Follow the on screen prompts to order. Once you complete our order a proof of your design will be available to you by clicking the view design proof link in your confirmation email.