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Make beautiful custom magnets from your favourite photos. Custom magnets are classic for displaying your everyday moments and for gifting to your loved ones.
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Best Custom Magnets Online: Shop with Confidence
Make beautiful custom magnets from your favourite photos. Custom magnets are classic for displaying your everyday moments and for gifting to your loved ones. You can attach them to your fridge, file cabinet, school locker, car or any metal surface. Showcase your special days, travel, wedding memories, baby’s special moments through our custom personalized magnets. Custom car magnets or custom refrigerator magnets are unique ideas for gift purpose.

Create Personalized Magnets
Personalized magnets are coloured magnetic display items with photo frames generally accompanied by a message or an inspirational thought. They serve as beautiful reminders of those who mean a lot to you. A familiar face that smiles at you on your office desk from one of these can lift you on a hard day at work. Custom photo magnets can make any moment memorable and different as an out-of-the-box gift. These Personalized Magnets are an unforgettable way to celebrate any special occasion with friends and family. It can be personalized to add your name and any text, apart from the photo.

Create Custom Refrigerator Magnets
Personalized fridge magnet is fully customizable with texts, images, messages or designs. You can place them on the fridge/refrigerator. Making personalized fridge magnet from your photos couldn’t be any easier! Just use our simple free tool to upload your desired image for design custom fridge magnets online.

Order Custom Printed Magnets
At Just buttons, get custom printed magnets in 5 different shapes- round shape custom magnets, diamond shape custom magnets, rectangle shape custom magnets, oval shape custom magnets, squares shape custom magnets. Custom magnets or custom fridge magnets can be obtained at the best price with top notch quality. Custom magnets are highly ideal for gifting purposes.

Personalized Magnets as a Marketing Tool
Personalized magnets have been proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your product or service directly to your client. We offer an enormous variety of custom printed magnets for all your promotional requirements. All our custom photo magnets include a full-colour print of your brand logo, custom message, or personal photos. Our list has grown substantially, and we hope you will enjoy looking through our selection. So just as simple as that, you have made, ordered and received your own personalized refrigerator magnets, custom shaped car magnets, custom design magnets, custom square magnets online. Made locally in CT with American machines from recycled steel, you can purchase your high-quality custom fridge magnets online with the peace of mind that Just Buttons a custom magnet maker will deliver you the perfect custom magnets every time. Order personalized magnets and display a new collection of custom shaped magnets as often as you like. The more you make, the more you save.

We also made custom buttons, custom stickers, magnetic buttons, custom keychains, pocket mirrors, custom zipper pulls, custom bottle openers, and campaign buttons. We offer a wide selection of custom button packs and packaging.

Order custom magnets online at Just Buttons

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